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How to write a project for the class

The project, created by the forces of pupils must be relevant, appropriate and affordable materials and deadlines. How to write a project for the class, and how to design it?

How to write a project for the class

Instruction how to write a project for the class

Step 1:

Choose your own or together with the teacher a topic for the project, which will be of interest not only to you. When choosing a topic, consider the number of available sources for its development.

Step 2:

The volume of such work usually does not exceed 20 pages and annexes (illustrations) - 10. Word documents are only printed with Microsoft Word default settings (except where noted).

Step 3:

Check out the sources and literature project. Make a preliminary project plan. Match it with the teacher, in charge of this work. After that make up the final version of the plan, which is that it is possible and may change somewhat in the course of work.

Step 4:

The introduction justify the relevance of the chosen theme, define the goals and objectives of the project, specify the object and the subject of your work. Particular attention divide the applied value of the project, but not to the detriment of its theoretical significance. In the introduction, you can also give a brief description of sources used or to devote a separate small chapter at the beginning of the main part of the project description.

Step 5:

In the main part of the paper, take care not to break the logical construction of the text. At the end of each section, make your conclusions, confirming the scientific and practical value of your project. If you feel that your project is sufficiently bold to the school level, discuss with the supervisor the possibility of submitting it for consideration in the profile universities.

Step 6:

Draw conclusions about the work as a whole in custody. Be sure to mark the prospects of further development of the project and offer recommendations for its implementation.

Step 7:

Annex to the draft should include charts, tables, charts and graphs, confirming the seriousness of your research and clearly prove its relevance.