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How to write a recommendation for a student

In the transition of the child from primary to secondary school, or when selecting a profile class he may need a recommendation from a teacher. It is made in the form of brief assessments of the student's personality, his abilities in school and in extracurricular activities.

How to write a recommendation for a student

Instruction how to write a recommendation for a student

Step 1:

Start by describing the characteristics of your ward success in their studies. Write how much he is interested in the process, whether it comes easily to the development of new information. If a student is interested in more information, actively asking questions in class, engaged in self-education, reading books is not on the program, please indicate this in the recommendation. Also consider how the student enthusiasm of a related discipline with a focus on future profession. If the student does not think about his future education, shows no inclination to any kind of activity, write about it.

Step 2:

Briefly note especially the child's behavior. Write how he assiduous and focused during class, if he had conflicts with teachers. Perhaps it is hard enough for a long time to focus on his studies, but he works on himself and progress, albeit slight, is noticeable - mention of it in the document.

Step 3:

The next item on the recommendations - Evaluation of public activity the student. Tell us whether a person showed organizational abilities, whether he has received from such activities or just enjoy performing its duties. Note how he initiative, seeks to a leadership role in the extracurricular activities of the class.

Step 4:

Tell us about the student communicate with classmates. Rate desire to expand the circle of friends, looseness in communication, active in creating new links. Describe the role that occupies the student in the classroom, on both sides. Please write how he positioned himself. Then - as such positioning are around, whether it is taken in such a role. Note how often the person turned out to be in conflict situations and how behaved thus.

Step 5:

Write how student evaluates himself, whether it is stable self-esteem, whether it is adequate to reality.

Step 6:

Finally, tell us about the relationship to the student's family. Write how calm the situation, as far as trusting relationship between the child and parents. Also characterize the relationship between parents and teaching staff of the school.