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How to write a report Psychology

Education at the Faculty of Psychology, as in any high school finishes protection master's work and receiving a diploma. However, her writing without passing undergraduate psychological practice impossible. After the practice you need to write a report and submit it to the training part.

How to write a report Psychology

Instruction how to write a report Psychology

Step 1:

To start Apply for title page. In addition to your data, specify the teacher's name on it, which you pass the practice, and the leader's name.

Step 2:

Write a brief analysis of the practice in which the answer to a number of basic questions (what's new in practice you have learned for yourself, whether it was hard with the students to make contact, what points were in the process of practice, which caused difficulty, and how you come out of such situations, helped Are you a teacher, if so, what kind). Also on the possible organization of practice tell us your wishes.

Step 3:

Apply psychological diary that you had to carry throughout the practice to celebrate it observations for students - analysis of class activities. Data collection is one of the main points, which is necessary for writing the practical part of the classification work.

Step 4:

Make a description of how one student or the entire class.

Step 5:

Attach your working notebook. This document - a kind of diary. In it you have to be take notes all the lessons that are practical. The main text of the report is written psychological practice is based on the data written in the workbook.

Step 6:

The teacher should make you a characteristic that you must attach to the exhaust. This document is the director of the school must necessarily assure the seal, otherwise the certificate will be deemed invalid.

Step 7:

Report on the psychological practice hand over not later than ten days from the date of its completion.

Step 8:

In that case, if you were psychological practice at the place of residence in the city, which is positioned in the school, in addition to all the necessary documents, as described above, you need to provide plans of the synopses of all extra-curricular activities and teach.