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How to write a response, a review of the practice

Many university students after the completion of another year of training practical work in enterprises. They are able to consolidate their theoretical knowledge gained at the institute, and see how they helped them in practice. After the practice leader of the enterprise must give the student response-a response, which he submits a Institute together with a report on its work.

How to write a response, a review of the practice

Instruction how to write a response, a review of the practice

Step 1:

Detailed information on the reviews of a student practice at your company, please contact us at the organization's letterhead. It should contain the full name of the enterprise, business address and contact numbers. The address of the form in this case is not filled.

Step 2:

Write the word "characteristics" and specify the surname, name and patronymic of the trainee, a student of the course and of the institution it is.

Step 3:

Again, enter the last name and initials, start and end dates of practice, its duration. Write what position held Intern, and list everything that was part of his duties. In calendar order give a list obtained in the course of practice production tasks and evaluate how well the student cope with each of them.

Step 4:

Give an overall assessment of his theoretical knowledge, their level and ability to apply them in a productive activity. Rate ability to learn and ability to work with new information for him. List of his business acumen, demonstrated in the course of production orders, his discipline, honesty, punctuality, accuracy and responsibility.

Step 5:

Rate universal qualities, ability to work in a team, to win over the people. Note how the trainee respected company employees working with him, if he distinguished himself as a leader, as a future specialist. Point to the qualities that interfere in the work.

Step 6:

Give an overall assessment of the practice: "excellent", "good" or "satisfactory". Express your opinion about the student's abilities, the presence in it of character properties, qualities and skills that are required specialists with higher education.

Step 7:

Write where the characteristic, high school name. Sign here as the head of the practice. Detailed information on the sign at the head of the company and its Sight from the chief of the personnel department. Reassure the signature stamp of the company.