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How to write a review of the scientific work

To present the scientific work is not enough alone report. We need also a review of the work. If you had the role of the reviewer, the author's supposed to read the provided or the work itself and to make written or oral review, depending on whether you have to act on the protection of the applicant. There are generally accepted standards of drawing up a review of the scientific work.

How to write a review of the scientific work

You will need:

- kopmyutera; - The original article.

Instruction how to write a review of the scientific work

Step 1:

Write a title for reviews. Enter the title and the name of its author.

Step 2:

In the early reviews mention about what the topic is dedicated to work in any field author conducted research.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the relevance of the research problem, originality of the work and its practical relevance. Usually author of the study addresses this question in the introduction to the work.

Step 4:

The following section provides a summary of the work. Note that all the necessary sections it contains, what are the main points. Specify the number of visual material - diagrams, tables, charts, assess whether a sufficient amount of research for understanding they are presented.

Step 5:

Then describe what the overall impression produced on the work you whether the content of their stated objectives, what is the quality of presentation.

Step 6:

An important part of the review - work deficiencies. Since there is no perfect job, you will certainly find that we can mention it. Notes may relate both to the study and the content of the work, the presence of errors in it. It is important all the same, not dwell on this, but at the end to indicate that these observations do not reduce the level of work, and that the author should consider them as requests for further work.

Step 7:

Now go to the conclusions on the part of the work. Depending on its type, or you wish to express your respect to a grade (for diplomas and term papers), or recommend to assign the applicant the required degree (for dissertations). Once again mention the quality of the job done.

Step 8:

Do not forget to indicate the end of the revocation information about yourself - name, degree, position, place of work. Also, put down a signature and date. On the review will have to be put down and the corresponding print or transmit it to the applicant in person or sent by mail.