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How to write a summary of the lesson plan

Every teacher should be a lesson, an outline plan, which reflects the content of the material, the steps of the lesson, homework. Content-abstract lesson plan depends on the subject taught, the type of lesson, but the basic principles of drawing up such a plan are the same for all disciplines.

How to write a summary of the lesson plan

Instruction how to write a summary of the lesson plan

Step 1:

Determine the main topic of the lesson. Usually theme follows from the thematic plan and a training program for a specific subject.

Step 2:

Specify the type of the lesson: a lesson familiarize with new information or lesson consolidate the material, combined lesson repeater-synthesis, control, and other lesson.

Step 3:

Indicate objectives for the upcoming lesson. Ideal lesson pursues complex goals: education (acquisition of new knowledge, knowledge obtained earlier, consolidation theory, practical exercises); developing (the teacher seeks to develop thinking, observation, imagination, etc.) and educational (aesthetic education, moral, development of self-reliance, love of work, etc.).

Step 4:

Then mark the lesson objectives, that is exactly what you intend to do to achieve the above objectives.

Step 5:

Enter the material and technical equipment that you need, and students in the classroom. These include cards with tasks, all visual aids, pictures, movies, computer programs, posters and other supplementary material.

Step 6:

Describe the course of the lesson: what you will use methods and techniques in the training that is required by students. This is the most informative and the volume of your plan-abstract. Think about how to connect the beginning of the lesson already internalized material, customize a class for work, interest of pupils. The largest part of the lesson to take away to explore new concepts and ways of action, on theoretical knowledge, backed up by examples. Then describe how you intend to create skills, to organize feedback to students indicate putative controls. Then specify your homework. The last point of the content of the lesson designate general conclusions to consolidate students' sense teach.

Step 7:

At the end of the lesson involves the assessment of students' work with comments and grading.