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How to write a training manual

Creation of a manual may require the teacher or lecturer to facilitate their own work and to facilitate self-learning material students. There is a simple algorithm for writing guidelines that are understandable for the students, and to take advantage of this method can be any author.

How to write a training manual

You will need:

MS Word, laser printer (or a mini-printing house), editing vector graphics editor

Instruction how to write a training manual

Step 1:

First you must determine the size of the manuals and the amount of information covered by your benefit. The best option for most of the guidelines - 50-70 thousand characters. This volume can contain a sufficient amount of information (though you can choose the most useful of the topic).

Step 2:

Selection of literature, based on which you will create guidelines, is one of the most important ways to make your work useful. We need only the most reliable edition. Initially, schedule a brief manuals plan - it must conform to what you usually train people. At the same time, this list should not be a limitation. On the other hand, work with additional literature will be added to this order of the important points that were not previously considered by you.

Step 3:

Once you pinpoint as to which items should be contained in your guidelines, you can begin to write it. Here, everything is much easier - you need to analyze literature, mark key theoretical moments (it is convenient to do a color marker in conventional books, and by using the "Notes" in e). Then you need simple words to explain the value of this information, and it belongs to the practical application. The more convenient practical techniques known to you in training manual - so it will be better. Write about their favorite algorithms and steps - then your training manual will help not only you but also the hundreds of people who study outlines the subject.