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How to write English poetry

Elemental - a painstaking and hard work especially for beginners. Especially, if it is done in English. There are many things that should be taken into account for the implementation of this task.

How to write English poetry

Instruction how to write English poetry

Step 1:

Increase your level of English. It would be difficult to write a good product, and even in verse form, if you have not enough knowledge for this language. Learn every day for 10-15 words read English texts (literature), do grammar exercises. All this will help you reach your goal faster.

Step 2:

Read the lyrics of foreign poets in the original. This is one of the most effective ways to build your poem. Meet with the maximum number of works of English poets. Visit site. There you can find works by such famous authors as Byron, Kamingz, Robert Frost and others. Learn also in this resource are different styles of writing lyrical works. These include free verse, haiku, sonnets, ballads, blank verse, etc.

Step 3:

Discover the technique of writing the English lyrics. Start, first and foremost, with the concept of rhythm. You will also be useful information about lines and stanzas. Understanding the poems education process will help you quickly master the art of creating them. Remember that some English poems have to rhyme, and others - no. Some syllables are unstressed, while others - unstressed. All this information can affect the style of the work that you need to choose for the future of the verse. Information about literary terms, you can easily find on the same resource

Step 4:

Brainstorm. First, determine the topic of your future work. It is important to always keep it in mind. For example, this is the theme of "love". Then write all the words in English, which is created by the associative array with this concept. They can be: hate (hate), rose (rose), heart (heart), pain (pain), joy (gladness), beauty (beauty), sunsets (sunsets), etc. Keep this list as much as possible. Find an example of a poem, on which you can rely. Let it corresponds to the chosen theme. It is always important to learn from others how to put all the words together.

Step 5:

Write a poem in English. After that, you decide for yourself exactly what style you want to do his lyrical work. You can start with the free verse, because it does not imply a rigid framework. Concentrate on the words of the lexical field of "love". Do not try to be perfect, because the verse should not be so. You only express their thoughts and feelings on any subject. Check back several times created a poem and make amendments that it sees fit.