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How to write in Korean

Korean - this is quite a unique language, close to the Japanese, the Chinese, the language of ancient India, the Urals, Altai. He speaks and writes 60 million people. Although the language itself more than three thousand years, writing has appeared only in the middle of the XV century, and the rules of spelling and literary standards were approved only in XX. To quickly learn to write in Korean, you need to have at least a minimal understanding of the Chinese. And to study the literature on the history of

How to write in Korean

Instruction how to write in Korean

Step 1:

We must grasp the inner logic of the Korean language and its difference from the Indo-European languages. According to one version, the King Sejong believed that it was necessary to give a true representation submitted to reading Chinese characters. But at the same time the scientists took into account not only the experience of Mongolian and Uyghur letters, but also developed its own original phonological system. Therefore, the formula of the Korean language - a literary Chinese, plus the logic of neighboring languages, plus their own innovations. For example, the Korean phonetics involves the division of syllables not in two, but three: the beginning, middle and end. Ancient scholars associated this phonetic division with the elements, and it is certainly close to the Chinese philosophy.

Step 2:

Once assimilated basis, it is necessary to understand the relationship of the Korean and Chinese languages. Along with Hangul, the Korean alphabet original Koreans actively used Chinese writing until the beginning of the XX century. Chinese words in the letter was a lot, so there was a system of mixed hieroglyphically-alphabetic writing. Chinese characters - for borrowed terms, and Korean characters - for the verb endings, invariable particles and native Korean words. The same confusion - in the lexicon: this double system of native Korean and Sino-Korean words. For example, there are two modern Korean "kit" numerals. Sometimes they are interchangeable, and sometimes mutually exclusive, and need to know these details.

Step 3:

Perhaps the most difficult to master spelling and literary standards of written Korean language. They were approved by the not so long ago: in 1933, the Society of the Korean language. And if the spelling of the XV century was built on the principle of one letter - one phoneme, it is now one morpheme (minimum meaningful unit of language) may sound different, but equally written. For example, the Korean word "caps" ("price") May sound like "wart" or "ball". In most cases, magazine article or blog - is a mix of Chinese and Korean script, the ratio may be 50 to 50.