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How to write research

The study - a search for information on any problems that need to be appropriately dealt with. Write research - which means you have to generalize learned material and to draw certain conclusions. Research suggests and conduct your own experiments. As a result, you'll have a scientific work.

How to write research

Instruction how to write research

Step 1:

The study may be the abstract and academic. To write the essay to analyze different perspectives on your topic. After reviewing the literature, present their views on the issue.

Step 2:

For the research work you will need to study the documentary sources, as the publication and not published. The value of this study is that you have to offer new evidence, theoretical proofs, etc.

Step 3:

Any study must have a clear structure: introduction, text research, conclusion, list of references, applications.

Step 4:

In the introduction, it is necessary to justify the relevance of your theme. Formulate goals and objectives. Specify which chronological framework covers the study. Make a brief review of the literature on the basis of which your work is written.

Step 5:

The text of the research work has to match your theme, try to comply with the time frame that you have been declared in the introduction. Do not bring in the well-known facts that may obscure something new that you have discovered in their study. Emphasize new and interesting facts. The presentation of the text should be consistent and logical.

Step 6:

In conclusion, a conclusion on the study, which must conform to put in the introduction of goals and objectives.

Step 7:

The list of references, specify all the books that were used in the work. Sources are listed in alphabetical order, indicating the output.

Step 8:

Applications related to the text of the scientific work and should include: drawings, graphs, tables. In the text reference is made to the application.

Step 9:

Indicative plan of writing the study. 1. Defining your research topic. 2. Provision of literature and sources. What aspect of the topic is poorly understood. 3. Formulating goals and objectives of the study. 4. Preparation of the work plan. 5. Analysis of the literature. 6. The draft text of the work. 7. Execution of studies of the structure. 8. The final version of the work.