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How unusual to start a lesson

Many teachers, particularly teaching in junior high, often tormented by the question: How unusual to start a lesson to students, further studies were not a burden and did not seem boring?

How unusual to start a lesson

Instruction as an unusual start to a lesson

Step 1:

Education in the school seems to the majority of students rather dull affair. They are distracted during class to communicate with classmates and exciting games downloaded on the mobile phone. To gain students' attention and keep it throughout the whole lesson, make a knight's move - start the most common occupation as may be more unusual for bored children at a school desk.

Step 2:

Come up with an unusual greeting. The gray morning outside the window, frowning sleepy children ... to neutralize the atmosphere of the children's expectations survey for homework and "driving" the new knowledge will help the unusual wish good morning. Sing along with the kids cheerful song, ask them to say hello to each other by means of a friendly embrace, invite them to tell how they spent the day yesterday. Let it become a good tradition - then, going to school in the morning, the teenager will look forward to a friendly and easy communication with the teacher, rather than military drill and constant teachings.

Step 3:

Congratulate them on a holiday. Find special online calendar that lists all the holidays that exist on the planet, and print it. On some days of the year even had several holidays at the same time. Hang the calendar in the classroom and get into the habit every morning to congratulate his students - happy invention of the automobile, or the Indian holiday of Holi colors. At the same time arrange each time the small lecture on the subject - it will significantly expand the horizons of children.

Step 4:

Play around with the kids in the "Associations" or any other developing game, right on the subject to what today's lesson will focus on. As you move the students close to the planned topic of the upcoming lesson quite at ease and set the stage for the discussion of educational materials classes.