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It is easy to overcome the language barrier

Knowledge of a foreign language opens up a world of possibilities. And one of the most significant of them - it's free communication with the many people who unfortunately do not know the Russian language. have an interview in a foreign language or agree on terms favorable international transactions, free to travel, meet friends in another country - now you all will be available. But somehow, even if you have thoroughly studied the entire set of rules of the language you choose and compose sentences without a single mistake, it does not guarantee the simultaneous emergence of free communication skill. Or, considering the entire volume of investment of time and resources for learning a foreign language, you're not ready to start this way. What to take, so as not to lose all those wonderful features that you can get? It is necessary to overcome the language barrier. Better yet, make it so that the ability to communicate fluently in a foreign language allowed you to expand your vocabulary and memorize the necessary rules. So where do you start?

It is easy to overcome the language barrier

You will need:

Free time and good mood!

Instruction is easy to overcome the language barrier

Step 1:

full "immersion". Stop to consider that "foreign" language completely foreign to you. Just find a place for it in your daily life. I enjoy listening to music? Seek out the full text of your favorite songs, as well as their translation into Russian. And each time, he heard a familiar melody, you can not just start to sing, but also to understand the meaning of words. Do you like to plan your day and make a shopping list? Why not do so well in a foreign language. Home affairs suggest you bored? Cleaning service, say the name of each crop in its place things in a foreign language. Or place small stickers with the appropriate names on pieces of furniture. Do you like reading? Why not read the interesting book in bilingual versions. And even if you are not ready to read books in the original, remembering some of the phrases will bring substantial benefits. And if you love to watch movies - movies with subtitles in Russian, or vice versa in a foreign language - this is for you. You do not have to force yourself to watch movies in the original. Even if you occasionally using subtitles - it will be a good contribution to your knowledge. You can think of many ways to make a foreign language in the same familiar and understandable as native. The main thing - that you use them every day, instead of twice a week during training courses or professor, or worse yet, from time to time.

It is easy to overcome the language barrier

Step 2:

Practicing communication. Now, when a foreign language is no longer associated with textbooks and regulations, and has become an interesting part of your life, go to communion. Let's start with small dialogues. Of course you've read a lot of different dialogues in books, art books, seen the films characters communicate with each other. You may even believe that could easily communicate in a foreign language on a certain topic. But alas communication in life does not seem to communicate as described in the books. You should be able to talk about exactly what you think in the moment, to quickly pick up the necessary words, if the theme of the dialogue has changed, to express their feelings. For this ideal specialized sites where you have the opportunity to meet and interact in a foreign language with native speakers from around the world. This is a great opportunity to gain communication skills, learn how to conduct a dialogue on a subject that is of interest to each of the participants, and not given in the textbook scheme. Give this lesson at least half an hour a day and you will feel a significant improvement in your knowledge. Not to mention the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting facts about life in other countries from their new friends.

Step 3:

Talk - it's easy! It's time to get maximum results. You have learned to communicate, and conversations with native speakers is already familiar to you. It's time to move on to the live communication. To do this, choose the language to start the club. Choose to your taste of the game in a foreign language, or to discuss any topic. If your city is not just a language club, try to arrange your own. The rules are very simple. All the participants, who came to the club language, communicating only in a foreign language. No dictionaries on hand, unlike the communication on specialized sites. Only your knowledge and ability to express your thoughts by words that you remember. It will be very fun and interesting. And you will make another huge step forward. And realizing your strength very easy, you can go to communicate for hours with one or two partners, and perhaps even with a native speaker, which return you to learn to speak in Russian. In such a small campaign, you will need to talk a lot, and the time to find the words to be very little. Therefore, begin to communicate better in a large group, where your thoughtfulness will not be so noticeable. That's just completely forget about the fact that a foreign language you do not know. Your new friends can always be asked to explain the meaning of a word, the need for a specific rule, which is much more interesting classes or textbooks. Although textbooks with dictionaries, you will perceive a completely different, in preparation for the next meeting and having fun re-reading the necessary information. Not boring you to learn a foreign language and excellent communication!