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Observations show

Observation is one of the most popular research methods, along with the experiment. But his dignity and the accuracy of the results can only occur in the case when the observer holds it strictly and according to the rules and knows how to fix the observed variables.

Observations show

You will need:

Diary of observations, partner, audio and video equipment.

Instruction observations show

Step 1:

First of all, it is worth remembering that the observation - is the scientific method, and therefore will have to adhere to certain limits in its conduct.

Step 2:

Prepare for monitoring in advance. The day before you need to sleep, and put himself in a state of "alert" since monitoring will require you costly attention, memory, thinking and reaction speed.

Step 3:

Decide exactly what you want to watch - it will be the essential features of the observed phenomenon or object. Try to take into account the variables that can distract you from watching, and if possible pinch their number to a minimum.

Step 4:

Take as a basis the idea that the observation - it is purely empirical experience fixing. That is what is really seen and heard your analyzers - the eyes and ears. For example, you can see that the man put his index fingers to his forehead and hear how he says "moo-moo". Written stamp on these actions and will be a true observation. But the interpretation of his actions that most likely he portrays a cow - this is the next step. If you record in the minutes of observation, they saw a cow, in fact it will be your fantasy. If you specify that you saw one depicting a cow, it is also not a true scientific observation, as each reading this observation can imagine what is happening in different ways. Capture only what is happening in reality, the bare facts. Do this as accurately and in detail.

Step 5:

Performing these simple rules, you can ensure that the evidence of your observations are accurate.