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How To Calculate Percentage Of Profit

How to calculate percentage of profit

To earn more, you need to systematize the process of obtaining these same money. It is important to clearly understand the figures that you get as a result of the organization of its business. Calculate the percentage of profit is not so difficult. One need only read carefully the instructions below and choose the most…

How To Distinguish The British Times

How to distinguish the British times

Many people are afraid of the English system of time. In his native Russian, it would seem, everything is simple - three times: present, past and future, and in English as many as twelve. However, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted, and learn to distinguish between the time of the English…

How To Pass The Exam In English 100 Points

How to pass the exam in English 100 points

USE the English language is an objective and universal test language proficiency. For a sample of the test taken by American and British tests FCE and TOEFL, which are processed in accordance with the Russian reality. What is the exam? How to take it to 100 points? This is our guide.


How To Make A Stand In The Classroom

How to make a stand in the classroom

Any teacher knows that the design of the stand - this is an important and primary task. It can reflect the results achieved in the classroom teaching and extracurricular activities, as well as to plan future activities of the class team. But his issue, to take into account and information, and colorful, and…

How To Quickly Learn The Story

How to quickly learn the story

Stories required for reading in the school curriculum is not always easy given the disciples. Sometimes to learn them, it takes more than one day. But if it must be done quickly, it is necessary to pay attention to some details in the process.

Instruction how to quickly learn the story

Step 1:

Read the text…

How To Behave On The Practice

How to behave on the practice

From the human behavior during passage of practice it depends largely on whether the offer of young professionals continues to work in this company after graduation. For this to happen, it is important in the short term to win over members of the organization, and show their professional potential.

Instruction on how to behave in…

How To Find The Verbal Participle Phrases

How to find the verbal participle phrases

Verbal participle phrases - this is a special syntax. It must be able to find, because it depends on a correct definition of the syntactic role of words, and thus the production of punctuation.

Instruction how to find the verbal participle phrases

Step 1:

Before we look at the text of verbal participle phrases, learn…

How To Analyze The Lessons Of The Russian Language

How to analyze the lessons of the Russian language

Analysis of the lesson of the Russian language - a comparison of the individual teacher's technique with an ideal theoretical model. Consequently, the analytical work suggests a clear structure, consistency of terminology and coherent constructive conclusions.

Instruction how to analyze the lessons of the Russian language

Step 1:

We need to decide what…

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