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What is the definition

Parse the offers, students have to find as the main and secondary parts of the sentence. In this case, and there is a need to identify the definitions and designation of their syntactic structures.

What is the definition

Instruction that such a definition

Step 1:

Remember that all members of the proposal are divided into two main groups: major and minor. It applies to a minor and the definition.

Step 2:

Knowing this first, that the definition is necessary in order to clarify some of the subject property, more colorful, detailed description of it or point to it. For example, in the sentence "Cold and snowy winter come into its own" several definitions. For example, adjectives "cold" and "snow" characterize the winter, but the pronoun "their" It indicates the item.

Step 3:

Put the question to him, pointing to a sign or object, and you will see that most of you will be asking questions "what?". "what?". "What?". "what kind?". "whose?". "whose?". "whose?". "whose?". So in a sentence "Today, there was a significant event" word "remarkable" It designates sign refers to a noun and answers the question "What?". This is the definition of the adjective.

Step 4:

Be aware that the definitions are often adjectives, pronouns, ordinal numbers, communions. While in some cases this may be a member of the minor and adverbs and nouns. For example, in the sentence "In front of the house there is a shop" adverb "in front of" It designates sign answers the question "What?" and, therefore, it is the definition.

Step 5:

Keep in mind that most definitions are consistent with the main word in gender, number and case. So in a sentence "Interesting film watched our class students" definition is an adjective "interesting" and pronoun "our". Adjective "interesting" is used in the form of accusative, masculine, singular, as a noun "film"To which it relates; and pronoun "our" - In the form of genitive masculine singular, as the word "class". These definitions are said to be compatible.

Step 6:

However, be aware that there are some definitions that are inconsistent with the defined words in gender, number and case. They are attached to the word with the help of contiguity or control. Most often, these definitions can be nouns, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives in the comparative degree, etc. For example, in the sentence "In front of the house started repair" adverb "in front of" joins a defined way by means of contiguity. It is an unchanging part of speech, so do not agree with the noun, although related to it within the meaning of (a sign indicates).

Step 7:

Emphasize the definition in the proposal dotted line (broken line).