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What is the methodology

Many students in writing term papers and dissertations are faced with such concepts as a method and methodology. But if the first term is understood by the majority, the second raises many questions. But in order to not only be included in the diploma section "Methodology", but actually use it in the work, you need to understand what it is.

What is the methodology

Instruction that this methodology

Step 1:

In general terms, the methodology - a system of methods and means used in the science and practice of human activity. According to the description, it is possible to allocate at least two basic types of methodologies - theoretical and practical. The first includes mainly methods associated with thinking, the second - specific actions for achieving a particular result.

Step 2:

The theoretical methodology of the most actively used in the creation of scientific theories and models. One of its foundations - it is the epistemology, the branch of philosophy, dedicated to the specificity and the possibility of knowledge. In this type of methodology can even identify specific sub-type - scientific methodology, consisting precisely of the methods that are applicable in a particular science. The complex methods of scientific methodology is to create theories as a generalization of the experience of the scientist; hypothesis, ie assumption explaining the phenomenon, but not yet confirmed experimentally; methods of experiments, that is, the practical test of general provisions, and methods of observation, which makes it possible to perceive and to fix any situation or condition which witness became a scientist.

Step 3:

Also theoretical methodology used to create the philosophical writings and theories. The types of such methodology was surrounded and the dialectic, is widely known for its use in the direction of Marxist philosophy.

Step 4:

Practical methodology includes specific research methods. Typically, course or research work of the student is to use both types of methodologies, theoretical - to describe the principles of research and practice - specifically to translate it.

Step 5:

An example of a practical methodology can be considered as a methodology for solving problems. This is true for disciplines such as computer science, mathematics and others. In this case, the methodology describes the specific algorithms for solving certain types of jobs.