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5 bed strange women

Intimacy will light a fire in the heart and body and will decorate any gray day. There is nothing better than to enjoy each other in bed. Formerly the lead in bed by men. But over time, these standards are changing. Today appreciated the activity of both, as well as various relevant fantasies and experiments. Unfortunately, some of the female population thinks that the time has not changed these priorities, so especially try in bed is not necessary, which leads to differences in the relationship. According to surveys of men, women make 5 bed bugs that do not lead them into raptures.

5 bed strange women

Instruction 5 bedding strange women

Step 1:

1. shyness and passivity. Some women believe that sex must only lie on my back and wait for the end of the process. Hence the comparison insulting female with a log. A couple of sessions get bored even the most patient partners. After all, man is also waiting for a response from the partner's caress, relax and enjoy. If the partners know only 2-3 positions, alternating them regularly, then the sexual life will soon get bored and one of them will pull over to the side. Also, men do not like the intransigence of partners, who are constantly on any reasons for the refusal, but in the end they are all the same "yield" and take pleasure in the arms of a loved one.

Step 2:

2. Sex in the dark. Previously, all shy to show the body of each other, so try to draw the curtains, turn off the light and eliminate any noise. This savagery will not fully enjoy body and get pleasure from sex. No one argues that it is necessary to include all the lights in the house, to look at each other during intimate contact. However, the flame of a candle or dim light will not be superfluous. A more advanced partners try to make love in the daylight. After all, there is nothing wrong to enjoy partner.

Step 3:

3. Talk and laughter. Who wants to talk during sex? However, there are girls who just so themselves and lead. Laugh at the time when a guy is trying to focus on the right pace, not decorate lady. Encouraging words of a man desperately needed. But the flow of information with a chuckle be inappropriate. Especially when in the course of questions arise: "You're going? It's time for dinner! "Or" Come quickly, the show is about to begin! "

Step 4:

4. Distraction partner. A broken nail or a phone call can stop any sexual act. And it happens at the most inopportune moment. Keep in mind that periodic interruption of sex can lead to impotence. So better to turn off the phone and try to bring everything to the end. Then the relationship will become much stronger.

Step 5:

5. Imitation of orgasm. One of the most harmful and dangerous female tactics. All of the fair sex in the shower of the actress, but any man does not like lying in bed. A simulation of orgasm - a prime example of deceit. What to do in this situation? On the one hand, she wants to enjoy the process, and on the other - to give pleasure to the partner. The best way out of this moment - to try to make sex better quality. It is not so difficult to translate into reality. You just need to discuss all aspects with a partner, to express their desire to partner. The main thing is to be natural.