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5 myths about love

About love written and spoken thousands of scientists, and now many people love - this is the meaning of life. There are many sayings, myths, opinions about love. But there are 5 most common myths.

5 myths about love

Instruction 5 myths about love

Step 1:

Opposites attract. This is one of the most common myths, which sounds very romantic, but really it is not. Opposites attract only in temperament, no more. It is hardly possible to meet strong and long successful relationship if the partners came from different economic and social environment. 90% of people somehow believe that their second half should be the opposite quality, which is not enough by itself. However, long-term studies have proved the opposite, that people are attracted precisely those partners who have similar intelligence and visual appeal.

Step 2:

True love may come only once. This strong love for man can come several times, and each time he would experience a new relationship experience.

Step 3:

Love is able to overcome everything. In order to stay together for many years, one love is not enough. The presence of love - this is only the beginning of a long way to go on it is not possible without the patience, sense of humor and mutual concessions. The longest stay loyal to each other, only those people who have common values. And being in a relationship, you need to learn to manage their anger, solve problems, to endure and resist stress.

Step 4:

Love lasts 3 years. About 13% of couples stand the test of love, and their relationship is tested by long years. It is necessary to distinguish between passionate love and romantic love, as these concepts are completely different. Holy love inherent elements of obsession, insecurity, anxiety. And for romantic love - sexual compatibility, affection, bright feeling.

Step 5:

Love at first sight. Nature in man laid almost immediate determination of whether can you have a relationship with a particular person. This is at first glance, and comes from the fraction of a second to 3 minutes. Even if our body is understood that this man really suits us, that love a man with a glance still impossible, as only light love, interest may occur at a glance. It feels like love, comes with time, and sometimes this takes even years. However, 11% of strong unions begins at first sight.