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A place where you can live life

Probably everyone in childhood and not just wonder where he wants to live. Of course, this is the place to be comfortable, cozy, nice. However, for me personally it is not important where to live and with whom.

A place where you can live life Acquisition of material

Previously, a student and living in a big city, she wanted to stay there forever. After all, she came from a small town, the district center, where there are two schools, a clinic but a cinema. Then it seemed that the big city - a place where you can find themselves, their vocation in life, happiness. I think that this is precisely the place where I want to live life.

Five student years passed quickly. Behind remained the protection of the diploma, there was a good job and even managed to acquire their own angle. It seemed that the dream began to come true. Perseverance, patience, hard work helped her become successful enough for 25 years. The case remained for small - the last one in the list was listed happiness. But it still did not come. Money, apartment, purchase the desired car does not bring true pleasure. Yes, all this is easier existence. But I wanted to live happily, and not just comfortable.

To the shower was a cruise

One day at a pedestrian crossing it almost knocked a man, or rather guy. I do not fear to put into words, because it was her first mistake on the road. It turned out that his life and did not threaten health, they have to communicate, because Paul (the name of a victim of road inadvertently) turned out to be a clever, interesting and generally agreeable man.

Affair began. In a moment, she thought: "Wait!" The heart jumped out of my chest, trembled at the sound of his voice. That has already been done cherished offer, when suddenly there was a "but". Paul state of health could not be a long time in the city, because it was choking in the faeces of plants and machines. He lived in a small village in your own home, worked as a teacher in a rural school, and in his spare time engaged in breeding livestock. His move to the city it was not, as it once flatly refused.

Work, friends, fun, more or less arranged life - she had to leave everything and move to live in the village. Frankly, such a prospect frightened, it was a pity to lose the acquired good. She hesitated. However, the desire for spiritual harmony and the desire to start a family eventually won.

Now she also works as a teacher in high school. She has two children and caring husband. After 10 years, it became clear that here it is the same place where she wanted to live his entire life. After all, it does not depend on the geographical location on the map, the main thing that was the home and family, which are always welcome.