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As a declaration of love to the boy

Many girls, especially in adolescence, there are strong feelings for the opposite sex. Whoever he was, a classmate or friend, or maybe a casual acquaintance, one thing is important - feeling at this age can not keep to myself. They need to express, and the sooner you realize it, the better you will be in the future. In this difficult task you will need courage, self-confidence and positive thinking, because if you are willing to go into a depression in the case of failure, it is better not to take up a declaration of love.

As a declaration of love to the boy

Instruction as a declaration of love to the boy

Step 1:

As advised by psychologists, girls in any case can not be the first to admit their fundamentals feelings for the boy. They are men and behind them the first step, and the task of the girls - to attract the attention of a young man liked. There are many ways to achieve this result. The main is that you need to disunite them know more about their interests, hobbies and interest him in these areas.

Step 2:

When he finds out that you love football and are well versed in the teams of the Premier League, he will look at you different eyes, stand out from the mass of familiar girls. And then the case for small - feminine charm, tenderness and affection very few people leave indifferent.

Step 3:

Try to make yourself a typical portrait of the girl he likes. Ask around at his friends, remember those girls with whom he was close friends or unobtrusively learn this information from him. Then, map the portrait with yourself and give yourself clearly understand whether you are interested in it or not. Unfortunately, puberty most boys in the first place pay attention to appearance rather than inner qualities. Therefore, if you do not meet their favorite type of girls, find a person who will be fully fit. If you believe that your happiness is in your hands, then proceed confidently.

Step 4:

As a rule, close contact is enough to strike up a relationship, because he did not become a reason to spend much time in the company of his girl unsympathetic.

Step 5:

Psychologists, of course, are largely correct, the girl should always be the girl and save his honor. But, believe me, if you first call, write, or approach the boy and admit their feelings, then your chet and pride in no way spoiled. Instead, up to this moment the young man could not pay any attention to you, and after your acceptance, of course, you consider all the parties, and it is likely you will fall in love in the forest than you in it.

Step 6:

If you're not his type, after a frank conversation, you can tie a strong friendship, it happens very often

Step 7:

If the young man down will carefully treat your senses or rudely laugh at them, then it is simply too arrogant and poorly educated. Believe me, in this case, you will not lose anything, he's just not worthy of you.