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As a young family to live with their parents in one apartment

Ideally, every family should have its own housing. But that's not all have the ability to move after the wedding in your own comfortable apartment. And in order not to delay the wedding until retirement accounts for some time to live in the parental territory. Establish a good relationship with parents and does not turn into heroes of jokes about the wife's mother-in-law and possible. You just do not forget to follow a few simple rules.

As a young family to live with their parents in one apartment

Instruction as a young family to live with their parents in one apartment

Step 1:

Talk about all the conditions you live together before moving. Parents have their established habits and traditions. They can wake up at six in the morning and turn on the TV loud, have five cats, or to invite guests every Saturday. Whether you like it or not, will have to adapt, as elaborated over the years to change the way of life it is not so simple. And is it worth? When in Rome, as we know, with the charter does not come.

Step 2:

Discuss the financial side of the issue. For the utilities to pay, food to buy and repair time to time. Even if you have very modest incomes, select from the budget the amount that you will spend on accommodation in the parent's apartment. So you and help parents, yourself will not feel freeloaders.

Step 3:

Notify parents when you are going to move out of their apartment. Even if you have plans to graduation, job search and a few years of enhanced savings for the first mortgage payment, share plans with their parents. They need to know what you think about the future and are not going to live with them forever.

Step 4:

Negotiate all the problems as they arise. The more you keep silent about them, the more likely will be an explosion of emotions. Why do you quarrel and domestic war? Parents also want to live in peace and harmony. In 9 cases out of 10, they agreed to discuss the problem with you and find a solution acceptable to all.

Step 5:

Try to spend as much as possible the time away from home. The vacation leave necessarily in another city or abroad, weekend get out into nature, in the evening meet friends. So you positive energy, relax on the backlog of claims and provide parents with the opportunity to stay in their home one.

Step 6:

Learn how to treat other people's words and deeds without irritation. If someone did not appreciate your dinner, I forgot to close the toilet lid or held in dirty shoes on a clean floor - it is unpleasant, but not fatal, and certainly not worth your nerves, tears and insults.