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As consolation favorite

If a woman crying, a man loses confidence at first, then the judgment and, in the end, patience. Try not to follow this axiom when your favorite crying and urgent need to comfort her.

As consolation favorite

Instruction how to comfort his beloved

Step 1:

Think about what could be the cause of her tears. Just do not ask her with passion and not to voice any assumptions. This may cause another bout of weeping, or, on the contrary, a furious rage against you.

Step 2:

In the search for the causes of women's tears, always start with yourself. Perhaps you recently too small to attract the attention? Or is it (or one of its relatives) sick? The reason for the tears can be trouble at work. Remember, if she complained recently to co-workers or boss, if the work on the house did not take. The most difficult option - when one of her close relatives had died suddenly. It only depends on you whether you get off duty condolence or show patience and restraint and help her to cope with grief.

Step 3:

If you have been paying less attention to it because of work or study, take a break from that did not get in the near future, show their concern about it in everyday relations. Any work or a busy academic schedule - is not a reason to not please her some joint actions (for example, to go with her to the store to shop or cook dinner together).

Step 4:

When she fell ill, the methods and means of comfort will depend on the severity of the disease and of your stroke. If she banal cold, drink it hot tea with lemon or raspberry, give pills, lay in bed, wrap up warmly and kiss. To her it was not boring and lonely without you, buy her a few interesting books, CDs funny movies. If it is a little sentimental, give her a huge stuffed toy and greeting card "get well soon", in which write that you are very bored without it.

Step 5:

If the disease is protracted or surgery is required, try to distract her from gloomy thoughts, offered together (necessarily together!) To do something interesting and useful at the same time. It can come any option, right up to the embroidery or cross sawing jigsaw. However, any activity or game will have to have an element of competition. This is necessary in order to favorite felt the strength to cope with the disease.

Step 6:

To help cope with the problems at work pretty hard. Do not tell her that will be dismantled with your favorite co-workers (except harrasmenta). Just tell her that in any case you will always be close together and decide any questions, even if it will be decided to leave the service.

Step 7:

If seriously ill or died on one of your favorite relatives, the best consolation is silence. Just sit down side by side, take her hand and squeeze in your hand. If you have something you can help financially, please do so, but do not start the conversation about this immediately.