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Bad advice for women: how to destroy your marriage

Already played Mendelssohn's march to the wedding money bought a refrigerator, and that usually begins married on weekdays. But sometimes, these days there are short-lived and followed by divorce. If your goal - a divorce, it can be very harmful to follow tips that will help destroy the marriage.

Bad advice for women: how to destroy your marriage

Continuous monitoring of activities. Man may possibly not good to wash dishes or cook sausages properly. It is not necessary in this control. If you are constantly in control of her man, it does not generate confidence in him.

More to scold. Scold her man for what he is not able to repair the outlet, because not earn much. Do not exert any attention and moral support, then soon a man necessarily leave you.

Develop a sense of guilt. Always it helps: easy enough to cause feelings of guilt and "crush" under her partner. However, remember that this man does not like.

Compare with other husband. Nothing is worse for men than comparison. If you want to destroy your marriage, compare your man with the former. It is 100% will help you to get a divorce. Especially if you do it in bed.

Another bad advice - this conversation with her friends in the presence of her husband. If you scoff at her husband in front of others, it will cause him a storm of negative emotions, and, most likely, your marriage will give serious crack.

No hobbies. Forbid him do their own thing: let them forget about football, fishing, spending time with friends at the bar. Only family and nothing else: husband all the time must be near you.

By following these simple tips, you can quickly and irrevocably destroy your marriage. But consider whether you really want it?