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Beats - does not mean love, or how to recognize the tyrant

"Beats - means love," "deserve", "Brought man" - these and other phrases make women subjected to physical violence in the family, do not feel a victim, but the culprit of what happened. Shut up, hide, can endure for a long time, until the result of the next argument will not be disastrous and irreversible. The number of murders committed on the grounds of family scandals, rolls over. To it did not come to blows, to calculate the man-aggressor must be in advance - for the period of courtship.

Beats - does not mean love, or how to recognize the tyrant How it all begins

Male aggressor never shows his aggression in front of strangers. During courtship, it is usually charming, nice and courteous: gives flowers, suffers whims, guesses and executes a whim, etc. In these moments the tyrant himself believes that sincerely loves, so frankly states this and insists on fast wedding.

Unjustified expectations for the future and cause the male first impulse of hostility. Print the tyrant to clean water in the candy buketny period is possible, if a deliberately provocative act: to do everything in defiance, for example. 

The root of the aggression against women lies in the relationship with the boy's mother. Look to the future mother in law, find out about the relationship in the family men about family traditions, etc. You should be alerted excessive obedience to men in the presence of his mother, "mama's boy" can not openly oppose the dictatorship of the parent, so when the first case, the sly revenge - through her husband. 

Features inherent hidden aggressor

Quiet on the people to curry favor with his superiors, man-tyrant is always full of envy and resentment all over the world. Trusting a woman his feelings, the aggressor plays the maternal instinct: the more a woman has a strong sense of self-sacrifice for the sake of someone else, so it is more likely to fulfill the mission of savior and eternal nurse ( "It is not me, not be able to," "Well, let it so, but native"). 

The man, prone to tyranny, prefers to dominate in sex and any dispute. Note that, as a man calls you, depersonalization of the "doll", "baby" and so on - a sign of frivolous relationships.

Tirana tend to assure a woman that, besides him, no one to love her is not. Light taunts such as "What did you put on weight" aggressor smoothes stormy declarations of love: "But I love your curvy shape," etc. 

The main features of the interior of cruelty are jealousy and lust for totalitarian control. Man-aggressor can meticulously ask how was your day, or someone that Michael at work and if he is married, and nazvanivaet and literally falls asleep sms-kami: where are you, how are you, etc. 

Tiran also loves to teach the life he knows and is able, he will show how it is necessary. He will drive you to his favorite movies in the genre of art-house, treat your favorite dishes (even if you can not stand them), and soon you will not notice how completely disconnected from everything they loved once, and the solution the interests of men.

The main aggressor task - to rob you of the support of friends, parents, etc. Being thin analyst man-tyrant will wait the right time, and wrap the situation so that you are on their own do not want to talk to anyone other than the faithful and his friends.

In the same "magic" way you disappear personal finances. The man himself will buy everything, supposedly protecting you from the problems and burdens of everyday life. In fact, to separate you from the Treasury - then make dependent and weak, and this is exactly what you need tyrant - power over you.

What to do if you have undergone physical aggression

But what if a man has raised his hand on you? Do not listen to his excuses. Aggressor tend to apologize sincerely and in the spirit of: "I do not know that I was going on," "With me it has never been", "Can you so bring man", etc.

After the splash out aggression tyrant reset "perfect" husband actively smoothes the fault using the house, courtship and lavish gifts. Do not believe him, that the situation will not happen again. Repeat, and in an even more brutal form. 

Only one way out: to escape. To friends, to his parents, wherever you go, but away from such a man. Do not be afraid to ask for help from neighbors or contact the police. Especially when the family already has children - think about their well-being and mental health. Always keep an extra telephone and a certain amount of cash: so you can take matters into their own hands.