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Cheating husband, cheating wife

A few years ago, French director Paul Larbre offered the audience his new film "House on the same street." This two-part picture, in which both series tell the same story, show the same events, but what is happening is considered from different points of view - the male and female. The most important task, which should play the actors, has been reduced to an ambivalent formula "cheating husband, cheating wife." In other words, the film passed through the question of whether infidelity "my" sex is permissible, and permissible if - "the opposite". As expected, men are more tolerant of their own change, but for women they have in store almost chastity belt: ladies should not change under any circumstances.

Cheating husband, cheating wife

Further, the plot was put a question: for what is to become a husband has the right to commit adultery while his legitimate half should be like Caesar's wife - above suspicion? Moreover, none of the men did not give a more or less clear answer. Just not very coherent justification for saying, "wife - a homemaker," or "I need to be sure that these children - mine." In short - not convincing. Women were at the expense of slightly different view, they argued a lot, tried to argue, but most of them still agreed that "the husband of a good wife will not change." However, it's in France ... And then - in the film ...


In fact, change is not immune from any, even the most loving couple. In fact, many cases of infidelity arise merely because a man looking for woman in all women, and that, in turn, is trying to find all the men - in one. She wants her husband was smart, athletic, sensitive, artistic, understanding, hardworking and sociable Marlon Brando's eyes DiCaprio and someone's charming smile. At some point, it all merges with the idealized being loved and completely identified with him. You agree that "insight" is not long to wait. And the man, in fact, entered into a relationship with the one in which, as it seems, there is some part of the Beautiful Lady, still can not find his wife in the whole image as a whole. His passion makes the change, ie, "horse saddle" and re-embark on her quest.


Then my husband would be justified to blame, that he himself does not know what could have happened to his wife cheating, which was "some kind of eclipse." His wife, in a similar situation, too, lowered his eyes and say, they say, "to which I betrayed her husband - nothing but the devil has beguiled." But all that will follow only after the fact of treason will be obvious to the partner. "Recognize or not recognize" - most men do not suffer a similar dilemma, and are not going to suffer. Even caught in someone else's bed, they will be the last to deny it, coming up with dozens of funny and absurd excuses. A betrayal of his wife, on the contrary, feel remorse often enough.


If you changed the husband (wife) once, by accident or under the influence of a sudden "surging" passion and no longer aspire to a meeting, then this fact is better simply to forget .... After passing physical betrayal - it is minuscule in comparison to the psychological betrayal. Now, if the object of betrayal you feel a spiritual affinity, which you lack in marriage, if at any moment you want to hear a desired voice, if your heart sings, and the soul rejoices when you're just holding hands and walking on the evening city - then everything is much more serious then you actually change ...