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Good Daughter: how it be

Girls and women of all ages often think about how they relate to their parents. This is due to the desire to become a really good daughter, showing their love and gratitude to his mother and father.

Good Daughter: how it be

Instruction good daughter: how it be

Step 1:

Do not keep away from his parents. Sometimes girls reaching puberty, trying to create around itself a barrier through which can penetrate even the most persistent father. Mum thus feels abandoned and useless, it is impossible to avoid. Communicate with them, do not close on their advice and support, even if fundamentally disagree with them.

Step 2:

Appreciate and respect them. This is the most important thing for children to parents. These people have given you life, brought up and gave all that you have. Keep this in mind every minute.

Step 3:

Keep in touch even when you are far away. A simple phone call made to find out how parents business, show your concern. If the phone rings only when you need the money or other help, should reconsider its attitude towards the mother and father.

Step 4:

Help, if you live in one house. Help with cleaning and the kitchen is an excellent demonstration of gratitude to your parents. If you perform the job only after the screams and persistent persuasion, it just means that you do not want to be a good daughter. Offer help mom do something on their own, without any requests.

Step 5:

Share your victories and defeats. Your parents is important to know what is going on in your life. Do not deprive them of such a possibility. In addition, they will support you and always calm, reassure and caress.

Step 6:

Let them participate in your life. For parents, you will always remain a child who needs to be protected. Do not refuse the help, do not be rude in response to the mother's or father's offer. Even a simple request mother to fetch pickles - the most caring, from which you can not make excuses.

Step 7:

More often spend time together. Call my mom in a cafe for a cup of coffee, take Dad on the go-kart, or simply call your parents to walk or ride in the woods. Close contact helps establish a strong bond that will never be destroyed over the years.