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How do I start to like men

Unfortunately, reliable, and one hundred percent of the working method, like the men do not exist. After all, each person is an individual approach to each and the corresponding need. But there are little tricks that will work even if you do not, then at least do no harm.

How do I start to like men

Instruction how to start like men

Step 1:

Charm him look Look - this is one way to show a man that he is now for you more interesting and more important than anything else. It is necessary to fully focus on the interlocutor, look him straight in the eye. Try to show that his words are interested in and grab you.

Step 2:

Ask about it is known that most people like to talk about himself. Given this, it is necessary to show its interest in the other person. Ask different questions: about his work, hobbies, habits, eating habits, etc.

Step 3:

Say Gift Okudzhava called us to do each other compliments. And it's true - every person nice to hear something good about yourself. It is not necessary to switch to flattery, but a couple of light compliments yet no one interfered.

Step 4:

Call his name Try to increasingly turn to the other party by name. It unconsciously arrange it for you.

Step 5:

Touch the other party is not only a name, but also a touch subconsciously. Even through there is a special light touch contact. But touch should not be imposed, the time must be justifiable.

Step 6:

Express your feelings Do not be afraid to show their admiration, approval, appreciation, enthusiasm. The expression of your feelings can push a man to the words that he was afraid to say earlier.

Step 7:

Attend to the other party at the beginning of communication is very important to understand exactly what is expected of you. Try to understand the man. You may want to go for some concessions, which are then paid back in full.

Step 8:

Show yourself in all its glory like the eyes of men. It should be remembered during the selection of attire and make-up. It is bound to attract the neckline or cut on the skirt. But the main thing is not to overdo it and do without vulgarity. Everything should be within reason - and strictly, and sexy.