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How do the girls do not need to

Girls - fragile and delicate creatures. They are more limited scope and moral foundations of society than men. Some of the "frame" is too strict, and some - quite justified.

How do the girls do not need to

Instruction how girls do not need to

Step 1:

Constantly cursing. Dirty little words flying out of his mouth sensual beauty at least once a minute, do not add charm and create an image of a rough boorish. The person abusing mate, can not give the impression of cultural and enlightened.

Step 2:

Excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes. Fold in the past 20 years, the stereotype of "girl + cigarettes + alcohol = liberated, modern woman", successfully supported the tobacco and alcohol advertising has nothing to do with reality. Women subconsciously perceived by man as a future wife and mother. Moreover, the facts are well known: female alcoholism is not treated, and smoking leads to weight disorders. Who wants to link their fate with the lady that smells of stale, and his clothes soaked with the scent of nicotine.

Step 3:

Consider that if she - a woman means always right, and it must yield. Some women actively exploited the image of the fairer sex, and sincerely believe that in any difficult situation, a man shall give it. The dispute in the struggle for a new position, in line at the store ... A girl hopes that the man would be awkward to deal with it, and he pulled away from the competition. In today's world, men and women are equal, so do not rely on such "indulgences."

Step 4:

Open to provoke a man of sexual harassment. Firstly, this behavior creates an impression of you as a frivolous young lady looking for sex without commitment. If you want a man you called back the next morning, we should not give the impression of horny ladies. Secondly, this behavior can bring a lot of trouble. Sometimes women provoke men to rape. Therefore, do not go beyond flirting.