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How do you know that you match each other

Will the two people be happy together - it depends not only on their feelings and desires. There is a very important concept - compatibility. If people are not suited to each other, then they will constantly annoy and irritate each other. Such rejection can destroy even the most ardent feelings.

How do you know that you match each other

Instruction how to understand what you are for each other

Step 1:

Incompatibility is expressed in different temperaments, biorhythms of life, habits, tastes, outlook on life, in the way of thinking. This discrepancy can be incredibly annoying: you experience strong emotions - it is quiet, you want to have fun - he was going to sleep, do you believe in something - and he believes that you are wrong, and does not support your opinion. Even little things, repeated day after day, can bring any of itself.

Step 2:

If you are very similar in all - it's too bad. The relationship must always be a certain novelty. It is unlikely that your partner is looking for his counterpart. Someone I love has to be a whole person independent, capable partner to intrigue, and not a copy. You can not really fall in love with his own reflection. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the relationship and similarity of thoughts of the characters may seem very pleasant and comfortable, but life will put everything in its place.

Step 3:

The best option, if you have something in common, but you're quite different people. In this case, you will complement each other. You will be interested together, there will always be interesting things to discuss, to share something.

Step 4:

The relationship is very important sex. If you are absolutely not sexually compatible, then you have this soil insoluble problems, which will lead to separation. But do not hurry, you can take simple inexperience of incompatibility. The first time is rarely successful, because you do not know each other and are worried. Try to explain to a partner what you like and what does not, and the situation will improve soon. A loving person always tries to please your sweetheart, so do not despair. Importantly, do not insult and humiliate him, or any systems that are very hard to beat.

Step 5:

In any case, if something does not add up, do not forget that in any relationship it is necessary to make concessions and compromises. Difficulties always arise because people are not perfect. The main thing - to cope with them.