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How not to be mistaken in a man

Marriage is usually successful, if the choice of a life partner to come up thoroughly and seriously. And not to make mistakes, try before the conclusion of the marital union of a man to know as much as possible.

How not to be mistaken in a man

Instruction how not to be mistaken in a man

Step 1:

Listen carefully to your man and make inferences. Representatives of the stronger sex willingly talk about their achievements and victories, less likely - about the shortcomings. But at a certain perseverance you will surely be able to bring a loved one to a frank conversation. Of course, your conversation should not be like an interrogation. Leads to the desired topic carefully and do not try at once to learn it all at once. If your partner avoids talking very aggressively on a particular topic, it should alert you. However, do not make hasty conclusions - perhaps the reason for this somewhere deeper than you think. For example, your man avoids talking about small children. You can draw the conclusion that he does not like them. But it may be that as a child he lost his little brother or sister, and all the kids call him sad memories.

Step 2:

Learn about your points of contact. Common hobbies very effectively bring people together, especially after subside love, and relationships become more peaceful. Besides hobbies, you must be a shared values. If you were educated and matured in different sectors of society, to find common values ​​will be difficult. There is a good criterion for choosing a partner, if you have a child read the same books, you will surely find a common language. People with a different mentality will eventually become uninteresting to talk, they will constantly be annoyed, etc. In this case alone, these women and men can be very good, but totally unsuitable for each other people.

Step 3:

Pay attention not only to what the man says, but on what he is doing. Feature guff from serious intentions. If your partner thinks only of what he wants to achieve, and does not do anything, so it will be in your family life. You will either have to constantly push it, or put up with the lack of finance and the good things of life. As for actions, they also vary. If future husband often gives you flowers, leads to the cafe, etc. - It's just the way you like it. But if he looks for a variant sharing his living space at large, so that you can live together and raise children, seeking better-paid positions, so you can not work, is sympathetic to your religious principles - these actions say about his seriousness, maturity and strong feelings .

Step 4:

Listen to your heart. If it is silent - it is unlikely that man is you. These feelings - the key to a happy and long married life.