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How not to lose his wife

It is not always the relations in the family are perfect. Even the quietest pairs happen quarrels and disagreements that may lead to divorce. If you realize that the wife is about to leave you, to take emergency measures, especially if you really love her.

How not to lose his wife

Instruction how not to lose his wife

Step 1:

Remember, no quarrels and scandals do not help restore relations. Therefore, always communicate with your partner calmly. Even if it provokes you, do not give in, because you want to keep the family together. The woman, as men, there are difficult times. And then I want to take it out on someone, to vent his anger. And if family relations are not good, then this desire intensifies. Go away from quarrels, because your wife and the most difficult.

Step 2:

Be sure to help around the house to his wife. Of course, to improve the relationship of the weaker sex to her husband help in small household affairs, that you perform without predvusmotritelno requests and requirements. Though sometimes cook for his wife, it is also a positive effect on your relationship.

Prepare a delicious dessert wife

Step 3:

Fulfill her little whims, and help solve problems. The man - a support and you should behave accordingly. Do not transfer to the fragile female shoulders all the hardships and adversity, on the contrary, unload them, and the wife will be grateful to you.

Step 4:

Try to at least occasionally, but to arrange his wife surprises. Gen. eats relationship, so your task - to weaken its effect. Buy a ticket for two to a rest home, boarding house, on any trip. If you leave at least a day to rest, the relationship will be better.

Arrange surprise, give gifts

Step 5:

Do not forget that his wife - a personality. Therefore, respect her and her opinions. Consult with her household and business issues, communicate on various subjects.

Step 6:

If the spouse something you do not like it, start to fix it. For example, give up the regular use of alcohol, become an active and caring, get a higher paying job. Usually women leave men, if something does not suit very much. If your relationship has a problem, get a solution.

Step 7:

Did you have any problems in bed. Take their decision in the first place. After all, if a woman does not get consistently meet, she probably wants to have a lover or even get away from you.