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How not to lose one's attraction to her boyfriend

Folk wisdom says that men "love" eyes. If you feel the first signs of cooling in your relationship, do not rush to raise a stink. It is better to soberly analyze the situation and take a number of measures, including to improve their appearance.

How not to lose one's attraction to her boyfriend

Instruction how not to lose one's attraction to her boyfriend

Step 1:

Pay attention to your appearance. Perhaps we should pay attention more often: join a fitness club, solarium, manicurist and beautician. Maybe your vote really that attract external data girls, he simply can not see the beauty in you. Opinions about beauty also there are so many, it is worth to warn against bold experiments with the appearance, such as: hair green or crimson color, and excessive tattooing, body piercing, and things like that - men often conservative and are not able to evaluate your creative impulse.

Step 2:

Think about it and try to answer honestly to myself the question: what should be my young man? Undoubtedly, here and home comfort, and the ability to cook soup, and cooing at the family hearth - are some simple priorities, which are all oriented the girls from childhood. But is it necessary for your guy? Do not be offended if he looks at the cold homemade cakes. It is possible that his elements - extreme, and the food - fast food. Try to take it for granted, so as not to leave afterwards.

Step 3:

Do not "sawing" it. There is nothing worse than a girl, itchy, annoying like flies. If your boyfriend need to be alone with yourself and your feelings, do not try to immediately find out the relationship and find the cause. Give him the opportunity to "sit in their own den" and rejuvenate.

Step 4:

Best of all, if you have some shared interests: skiing, biking, sport fishing trips or home canning. It brings incredible. There are common interests and circle of friends, but this is not so easy to leave.

Step 5:

Do not overdo it with the demonstration of his own intelligence. There is nothing worse than publicly "put in a pool," your vote, putting him in passing at the same time ignorant. The male ego is very vulnerable, and such an act would be enough for a serious quarrel and possibly separation.

Step 6:

Keep an eye on him. Dress nicely, meet friends - in short, give yourself time. After all, a man whose day is 95% of the money of the mining process, only 5% remains in communication with the girl. Therefore, try to make the meeting you bring him only pleasure and positive emotions.