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How quickly forgotten man

Unfulfilled expectations and broken heart - that is all that remains after breaking up with, it seemed, loved one. Even if the gap was your initiative, still bitter long corrodes the sensitive soul. You still pulls sometimes call him, cook his favorite dish, including transfer, of which he was looking.

How quickly forgotten man

Instruction as soon forget the man

Step 1:

You can get this back, but is it worth? If your dispute can not be overcome when you were together, it is unlikely that anything will change for the better. Stand quarrels and conflicts, or to start life from scratch - it's up to you.

Step 2:

Making a choice in favor of freedom, do not give in to discouragement and confusion. You need to urgently fill the voids, which were formed after the departure of ex-boyfriend, and "burn bridges". Talk about breaking all your friends, girlfriends and family. Do not complain and do not go into the tragedy. Just: "I'm fine! However, the day before yesterday with Oleg broke up, but it has long been ripe ... ".

Step 3:

Look at all the positive aspects, and it is better if they are with a fair amount of humor. Soon his birthday, and you do not need to "steam" of the gift! No longer will it Saturday night owls, friends with beer tanks and the ubiquitous fish. Now you can admit that my mother-in-law of his turn deadly.

Step 4:

Remember. Remember all the bad, nasty and indecent that he did. How did he bite off their burrs as noisy burps, its p-p-p-rap. Think about it, when the hand reaches for the phone. Look at my cat - he's just happy that no invader and usurper, you can safely write in the paper tray, and not in his sneakers.

Step 5:

Go out and look around. How about attractive and intelligent men! And you could skip all this wealth, removing beer mugs and fish tails. Flirt and flirt, stay a little windy. Not lonely and free.

Step 6:

Collect all of his remaining belongings and gifts, he sometimes bought. Write a letter to the man with words of gratitude for the pleasant moments that are sure you have had. Put the paper in the box with things, cover everything with duct tape ... and remove the pantry. It is not necessary to reopen own and others' wounds.

Step 7:

That's all. Now you will be able to advise their friends, how quickly forget the man.