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How should you talk to a girl

For girls chat is one of the most important components of any relationship - good-neighborliness, friendship or love. If you want to get close to a female, you must begin to talk.

How should you talk to a girl

Instruction how to talk to a woman

Step 1:

Be honest interlocutor. Girls feel good lies, moreover, you can get lost in their own inventions and to appear before the object of sympathy in a very disadvantageous position.

Step 2:

Shows his interest in body language. Girls usually pay attention to non-verbal cues of interest, so try to smile and watch the beloved's eyes and tone of voice during a call should be velvety and pleasant.

Step 3:

Radiate optimism. Do not be tempted to complain to the head, teachers, health, ex-girlfriend, etc. Whiners have absolutely no chance to develop a relationship with an attractive, intelligent and self-sufficient woman.

Step 4:

Feel free to tell your friends about all the positive changes that have occurred to her recently. She was replaced by her hair, or work to update your wardrobe, thinner, etc. - All of which can be the subject of a pleasant conversation for a girl.

Step 5:

Talk about your emotions. Especially pleasing to the fair sex spontaneous displays of affection. Once you have a desire to hug or kiss a girl - tell her about it. Ardor with which your fiancee will respond to manifestations of tenderness, it will take a lot of pleasant sensations and you.

Step 6:

Keep silent pauses in conversation. If a girl is not too talkative - take responsibility for the development of the conversation. Tells a friend about yourself, ask her questions about hobbies, dreams and desires, impressions of the books and movies.

Step 7:

Do not let yourself sebaceous jokes and foul language. Any self-respecting woman will stop communicating with the guy admitting such liberties. In addition, you can not engage in self-promotion, and to show off to focus on his excellent financial position to criticize the appearance of a friend, her habits and ignorance in any man's field - fishing, football, etc.