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How should you talk to the man about the importance

If the relationship is only tied to begin a frank conversation very difficult. It seems that the partner does not understand your feelings and respond to the conversation correctly. But fear is not worth it. Just get ready for a dialogue in advance, think through all the arguments.

How should you talk to the man about the importance

Instruction how to talk to the man about the importance

Step 1:

In no case did not instigate frank conversation, if a young person is tired, hungry, angry at someone. Dialogue will not work. All, even the most constructive arguments will be perceived with hostility. Wait partner calm down and relax. First talk about what worries him, that he may appear, will express all that had accumulated in my soul. Then tell me what excites you. Try to come up with a solution. Then and responsibility for its adoption will be on you both. And if you share this heavy load, it will be exactly half lighter.

Step 2:

Prepare to talk in advance. Try to find words that do not hurt the partner. Remember what he reacts most acutely. Avoid these moments in the dialogue. Talk calm steady voice. Do not worry! Near you loved one, it is sure you will understand.

Step 3:

Explain guy own feelings. Tell us why what is happening in the relationship you are hurt or worried. Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on the partner. Keep the emphasis on the fact that you are in pain and unpleasant. And not the fact that he is guilty of something or something does.

Step 4:

Try to listen to the arguments and partner. It is not necessary to insist only on his own opinion. After all, next to you, that you love and trust. It is in any case does not want to make you feel bad. On the contrary, from the view allows you to re-evaluate the problem. Just trust the opinion of the second half and try a different way to look at the situation.