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How to arouse the jealousy of her husband

Jealousy in a relationship, some people regard as a sure sign of a great love. This is to some extent similar to the truth, because of jealousy - a manifestation of the sense of ownership. However, this feeling is able to destroy both, and refresh the fading love relationship. How to cause jealousy of her husband?

How to arouse the jealousy of her husband

Instruction how to arouse her husband's jealousy

Step 1:

The most powerful weapon of women - it is sexy. This woman quite a smile, to make new relationships, at a glance, to attract the attention of men. Flirt can not, perhaps, only a very young girl. Even a friendly conversation with a woman colleague could provoke the jealousy of her husband, who has long been at ease, and does not expect that his wife can enjoy success.

Step 2:

An effective way to provoke jealousy - to begin to ignore her husband. Stop calling him at work, refuse to close, do not respond to all of its recognition and questioning. This behavior will not leave indifferent even the most nerevnivy man, because in each of them laid the instinct of a hunter by nature. However, to play "cat and mouse" should be very tactfully and gracefully, or angry, does not receive affection, the man does not understand anything starts to seek solace in the other "cats".

Step 3:

Frank coquetry and flirting with another family - a dangerous, but no less than a sure way to cause jealousy of her husband. This should be done only on the front of her husband. Dance with a stranger man, let yourself frank movement, laugh and flirt. The storm of passion and, most likely explanation of the relationship you are guaranteed. But this is what you and the achieved?

Step 4:

Come home late, do not answer the calls, wearing a revealing dress and sexy shoes, bring bouquets of flowers, let yourself be a little drinking the home, and all the questions are answered vaguely and mysteriously. And the most suspicious - night calls from unknown numbers on your cell phone. Of course, this will cause a storm of emotions, including such coveted jealousy. It is possible that this provocative behavior of women can become the beginning of the end of the relationship.

Step 5:

Before her husband provocation (a favorite and deliberate balancing feelings have dangerous provocation), carefully and objectively evaluate all the "pros" and "cons." The "bad" behavior can be dangerous not only to mutual insults and accusations, but also very sad consequences: rupture of relations, the use of brute force, violence and even murder. Consider the fact that jealousy - not the only way to revive the relationship. Often revival fading sense is quite frank conversation, romantic trip together, the environment shifts, sharing the fascinating hobby, and how the next stage of married life - the birth of a child in common.