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How to ask for forgiveness

The offending person is quite simple, but to admit his guilt and ask for forgiveness do not know how much more. No one is immune from this situation. Therefore it is very important to know how to make amends and improve relations.

How to ask for forgiveness

Instruction how to ask for forgiveness

Step 1:

Repent loudly, trying to laugh the offended person. This method is appropriate when the quarrel is not serious, and the two squabbled understand that resentment will pass quickly.

Step 2:

Bribe offended. Of course, the envelope with the money do not need to enclose it under his pillow, but a nice gift few people indifferent. Even if your a present is rejected, do not worry, your efforts will still be appreciated.

Step 3:

Write a letter or sms-message. In writing to apologize a lot easier. In addition, perhaps offended to read in your opus, and it only push him to reconciliation.

Step 4:

Talk. Listen to the interlocutor and speak for yourself. Try to resolve the conflict. If your point of view does not match, ask everyone to stay in my opinion. But just do not agree with him "for excuses," it can lead to a new conflict.

Step 5:

Just walk up and apologize, admit its mistakes, hear the accusations in his address (certainly valid), realize the depth of his mistakes and try to correct it, if it is, of course, wants the aggrieved party.

Step 6:

With sad eyes and a deep breath, tell the wronged, that you repent and show that this is true. Not all people know how to ask for forgiveness, many are experiencing this trouble inside.

Step 7:

In no case do not ask for forgiveness, not putting anything in the word "sorry." If you do not care what you are offended, it is better not say anything, but wasted repeating this word is not necessary.

Step 8:

Pretend themselves offended. In this case, it begins the struggle of the characters. And gave a gentle man. But it is better not to take risks, to be angry with each other because of the trifling quarrels can be for years, and then with regret to think about it.

Step 9:

The best way to ask for forgiveness - is experiencing sincere repentance. Then there are the words themselves.