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How to Attract a Man on the street

Modern society does not condemn the women's initiative, as many guys even welcome it. Here are just still hypocritically masking its demand, saying that a guy should feel that it was "at the head of the engine." Well, to go against the majority, tend to be a more expensive and, therefore, decided to meet with a guy, you need to excel and to resort to some tricks. For example, to draw a guy on the street, you need to get into his field of vision, interest and leave the right to be the "main character" in the scene of your love.

How to Attract a Man on the street

Instruction how to attract a guy on the street

Step 1:

The first weapon, with which you can draw a guy on the street - it's look. Seeing the handsome young man, look at him invitingly or provocatively, be sure to sincerely smiling at the same time. Do not look for a long time to stop, look away, as soon as you approach each other closely, and then, just with a smile, look, and if the guy also turn, look him in the eye. Less of this method is that the guy can not be set up to explore, to rush somewhere or just embarrassed. But the likelihood that he will speak to you, great. This means that you will be able to meet with a guy, strike up a conversation and exchanged phone numbers.

Step 2:

If the normally rainy weather - not the most pleasant thing, something to love, it is fine. Choosing a cute stranger, asked him for an umbrella. Hardly the guy refuses.

Step 3:

Pretty corny sound advice to ask for directions to get to know a guy on the street. But you can resort to some tricks. Being in a place that you know well, look after the stranger, moving in a certain direction to you, go to him and ask how to get there. Add to that the complete confusion and if the guy will like your smile, scared angelic eyes and flapping eyelashes, flavored with sweet talk, he may offer to take you.

Step 4:

Another textbook way to explore, favorite directors romantic melodramas and other "blockbusters" - "random" encounter. To meet with a guy on the street, organize this event, it is desirable not in the crowded area. The girl at the same time it should show itself scattered or very busy person. Do not forget to take a "getting to know" any folder with a bunch of papers and bag with small objects. It is important that the folder is easily swung open and the bag disclosed. Putting things together with a stranger, express outrage or disappointment, depending on the circumstances.

Step 5:

If you're brave enough, come up with a legend, such as the ex-boyfriend who (that's nasty!) Got himself a girlfriend and now walks with her in front of your eyes disturbed, grab liked the young man's arm and simply did order him to smile. Startled guy is likely to fulfill the request. Then he demand an explanation, you betray him in his legend. Just keep in mind that he just have a question about your "caring" behavior with regard to "the former". So you can optimize the legend "for themselves." The main thing in these acquaintances - the element of surprise and the creation of a situation of interaction. Attract a Man on the street in such a way is quite easy, but at the same time, and you need to be very prepared for the unexpected.