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How to be lucky in love

Man wants to love and be loved. Someone get this right: at school they find a mate and love sneaked through life. Others also lurks a series of setbacks on the path to personal happiness. Of these girls love to make movies where the heroine meets at the end of a man who falls in love with her. But how do get lucky in love real girls?

How to be lucky in love

Instruction how to be lucky in love

Step 1:

Not so important appearance as your attitude for success. If you feel like an attractive woman, men will treat you well. Of course, this is not a reason to forget about self-care. Few people like it at first glance gray mouse, fearfully glancing at the young man approached to meet her.

Step 2:

Consider whether you are ready psychologically to the fact that to have a strong, long-term relationship? Many girls subconsciously fear it, choose a man, a novel which will be short and will end in tears and another confirmation of the fact that all men - not very nice people. You may need to work with the psychologist, who will find the cause of your fears, and with whom you will be able to overcome them.

Step 3:

If youth have betrayed a loved one, the fear to be back in the same situation can accompany you for life. And you will unconsciously provoke your current man to commit the same act. For example, if a classmate like you chose your neighbor's party, as an adult you can be jealous of her partner to her friend, accusing him of your suspicions. But if you ask ten times the young man, is it true that a friend's slender legs, nine times he will answer that he liked your lot more, and on the tenth really care. And again you will receive a confirmation that nobody can be trusted, even though they themselves have created this situation.

Step 4:

If you want to get out of this vicious circle, you have to overcome yourself. How would you have liked to announce his new boyfriend suspicions about his loyalty and reliability, remember that you are a reasonable, adequate woman and keep her mouth shut.

Step 5:

More often than not let past relationships because you do not finished. They did not understand the reason for which you have thrown, did not have time to express their resentment. Do it now. If you feel out of place to sort things out with a man who loved you ten years ago, write him a letter in which tell us how you did it hurt, and then tear it and throw in the trash. Or plant yourself in front of a stuffed animal and imagine what it is - the guy offended you, and you finally have a chance to settle the score.

Step 6:

Trust your intuition. If you met an attractive guy, but in the back of my mind the thought pops up periodically, that's not - you may not be comfortable with it alone, or annoys you tie it, but even if the reasons why not - think about whether you want this relationship. Do not be fooled that it is a promising man with a car and a job well done - not that make you happy. If you trust the inner voice, you will find true love soon.