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How to be when you reject

A person can be a very successful and respected in the community, but if he lacks emotional support at home, it will feel very bad. Emotional rejection in families, unfortunately, increasingly common. Sometimes the ratio changes dramatically, but more communication becomes progressively cooler, until it reaches a certain degree of detachment.

How to be when you reject

Instruction how to be, when you reject

Step 1:

If you notice that you reject the spouse or partner, immediately take action. If you do this time, the relationship can be restored. First of all, you need to get to the causes of cooling and detachment occurred. Most often, the problem is that you have little time to devote to communicate with a loved one or not communicating on those topics that interest him. Typically, the actual rejection occurs after a minor conflict, amid cooling relations. Such a conflict could be fatal for the relationship, so it is a must to solve such a way as not to infringe upon the interests of your partner. Relationships are such victims.

Step 2:

In addition, the best family psychologists recommend at least an hour a week devoted to a discussion of relations. Take each other's hands and tell me that within a week you happy, and that upset. Then turn off the light, take a lighted candle in his hand and ask your partner to tell you that he would like to change in your behavior. Interchanged, tell a loved one, when he will hold a candle, you do not have enough emotional support, and what is lacking in your relationship, any actions or words of a partner. Then turn on the light and record the most important issues, as well as ways to remedy the situation.

Step 3:

If you reject your child is under 12 years, consult a child psychologist: normal, small children are very attached to their parents and can not refuse to communicate emotionally saturated with mother and father, if the relationship is, in general, have not been spoiled by the deep resentment. If your child rejects a teenage boy in particular, do not take the situation very painful, it can be overcome with time. The most common causes of quarrels - insufficient attention to the teenager and his desire to show their independence. Much more serious, but less common reason - when a young man ahead of his mother or father of the speed and knowledge in relevant areas for him. For example, his knowledge of literature are deep enough, he reads a lot, and if the parents are not interested in new books, it is often difficult to find topics for communication. What to do to regain the respect and love in a relationship with a teenager? Spend more time to communicate with them and to develop as a professional and a person, do not focus only on the way of life is not limited to formal issues. Teen unobtrusive for sincere love will forgive you even incompetence. The biggest mistake - let the development of the relations to itself, not to pay attention to the growing alienation. In the future this may lead to a complete lack of understanding and the development of the conflict in the relationship.