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How to behave

The concept of manners, how to behave, what is permissible in a society or within the family, and that - no, I was very often. After all, they are closely related to moral norms, which are also not remained unchanged. In addition, in different nations, these standards have also been and continue to be different. For example, a perfectly normal, natural behavior expansive Southerner (Spanish, Italian, Greek) may just shock the residents of northern Europe. And vice versa.

How to behave

Instruction how to behave

Step 1:

Here is a typical example: a person invited to a party, which will meet the cheerful company, and most of those present will be unknown to him. How should he behave in order to keep up appearances? Entering the room, politely greeted all present. This voice does not sound either too loud (as it may be seen as bad manners, swagger), nor too quiet.

Step 2:

Do not immediately attract attention, especially to interrupt other people, engaging in conversation. In general, you should pay careful attention to the selection of topics of conversation. It is considered impolite to talk about illnesses, tragedies or other unpleasant things.

Step 3:

At the same time it should not be a long time to talk about themselves, and also to talk about topics that clearly do not understand or are not interested in most of those present. It is unacceptable to argue, especially by passing on higher tone, even if the opponent's argument seem silly to you frankly, ridiculous.

Step 4:

With all guests, without exception, behave politely and gently. Special cycle, try to exercise for women and the elderly.

Step 5:

Suppose you have a very good voice and hearing, or you have an incredible musical instruments. All the same, it is not necessary to show their talents without being invited. But if you ask about the host or hostess - there can be, as they say, God himself commanded. Show your skill and enjoy a well-deserved applause.

Step 6:

Of course, at the table to behave, adhering to the generally accepted rules of etiquette. If the woman sitting next to - look after it (for example, filling her glass, passing dishes, etc.).

Step 7:

Even if you are a smoker with the experience, remember that smoke in someone else's home can only be with the permission of the owners. And the only place they will be allocated specifically for this purpose, for example, on a balcony. And it would be better to abstain from smoking, because among the guests may be people who feel ill from the smell of tobacco.

Step 8:

If you for some reason need to leave the house before the other guests - briefly explain it hosts apologize for early care and thank you for a good time.