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How to behave on a date

By dating, especially the first one, you need to be prepared, so as not to spoil the impression of. First of all you need to calm down, then all fees will take a lot less time. It will become a pleasant meeting or you do not want to meet each other more, it depends not only on you but also on your partner, he understands this and does not worry as much as you.

How to behave on a date

Instruction how to behave on a date

Step 1:

The purpose of a romantic date is lapping two people are interested in each other. To do this, you need to know a person who has come to meet you. And the best way to do this - it's quiet conversation. So do not think only about their appearance, pay attention to thinking through the conversation.

Step 2:

But first, listen man, without interrupting, ask him more. Memorize his tastes, his preferences, his plans for the future. Do not ask tactless questions about his salary, the availability of property or car. This, of course, it is important for you, but only of interest to material things will make you selfish in the eyes of men.

Step 3:

Find common interests and topics to discuss that the two of you can spend hours. Ask about human passions, his favorite music, movies. Maybe the two of you decide on the next date to go to the cinema. You must now show yourself interesting personality, able to support any conversation. Talking about your hobbies, try to infect with their enthusiasm and man.

Step 4:

Dressing for a date, do not select too provocative attire with a mini skirt and neckline. In this dress you certainly will interest the young man, but the meeting can end the conflict. The man would behave too freely, deceived by your appearance. So put on a romantic dress and good quality brim will emphasize the dignity of your figure, but do it gently and not vulgar.

Step 5:

Do not drink a lot of alcohol on a date, be limited to one or two glasses of wine at dinner. You should not lose control of your feelings, while you are still not very well know the man, whom he had met.

Step 6:

If a young person wants to continue the evening and invite you to go to visit him, it is better not to do so after the first date, look at the person better. Do not offer and continue dating you, not to bitterly regret it later.