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How to behave with a girl, guy

Some guys are stupid girls in the community, which they like. This is due to the fact that they want it appear more attractive. But everything happens exactly the opposite.

How to behave with a girl, guy

Instruction how to behave as a guy with a girl

Step 1:

Imagine that you are communicating with your friend, but not with a beautiful girl. This will help you get rid of a certain awkwardness in communication. Try to behave naturally, be yourself.

Step 2:

Talk about topics that are of interest to both of you. It is not necessary to tell the girl about the last football game, or talk about problems in the engine of your car, if a girl does not understand these topics. If you see that your interlocutor looks away, picking at clothes or a pen in hand, stops feeding cues, it means that she is not interested in the topic of conversation. Try to find something in common between you.

Step 3:

Be gallant. Help the girl put on a robe, open the door for her, gave her hand at the exit. Any representative of the fairer sex will appreciate it. If you see that girl need help, put your case and help her. And let it be small things, but they will prove your concern about it.

Step 4:

Talk compliments. Rare lady can resist the cavalry, to praise it. Do not be afraid to go too far, a lot of nice words do not exist. Let your compliments will be a little awkward, but it is not too smooth. All the same, it would be nice, because your words come from the heart.

Step 5:

Never lie. The fairer sex because of their intuition can understand a lie quickly. Even if there is no evidence she knew of the fraud and, most likely, will stop communicating with you.

Step 6:

If you experience serious feelings, giving her cute gifts and bouquets of flowers. Rare girl can resist a nice guy who has her attentions.

Give a girl flowers

Step 7:

Show her your mind and erudition. Many women love smart and well-read men. Therefore, in her company, try to shine intelligence, even in small things.

Step 8:

Do not lose confidence. She must not realize that you are shy when meeting with her. Smile, it's the best way to show your attitude towards it.