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How to behave with relatives

Relationships with family are completely different character than with other people. They know you throughout life, with you have gone through a lot, and your communication is on another level.

How to behave with relatives

Instruction on how to behave with relatives

Step 1:

Respect your family, that feeling plays a huge role in the relationship between relatives. In any situation, do not forget that these people know you have a lifetime together and you have gone through many difficulties. Despite some points of views to which you are fundamentally at odds, try to maintain respect for the opinions of others.

Step 2:

Be tolerant. Patience - one more important point in family communication. Conflicts can occur on a daily basis, until someone finally will not be a little more tolerant towards other relatives. Try to take into account the problems at work, personal troubles, and other factors that affect the mood of your family members. Understand them, put yourself in someone else's place, and communication will be much more pleasant.

Step 3:

Learn to forgive. That just can not be heard from the lips of his relatives in the rare moments of anger. You choose - to take offense, and a lifetime to stop communicating, or simply continue and move on.

Step 4:

Speak openly. Feel free to express their complaints in person to members of his family. Of course, in your words should not be present aggression. But always think carefully about whether it is necessary to contrive scandal - perhaps your small claim can be held until a better time, because it can be taken seriously, what do you expect.

Step 5:

Meet more often. It so happens that the work, friends and other circumstances alienate members of one family from each other. Break the vicious circle, offer to come for a holiday or a normal day. Enter new traditions (for example, to celebrate every birthday among his relatives).

Step 6:

Do not forget the older generation. There is nothing worse than a lonely old people, abandoned by their relatives. Visiting grandparents often look to mothers to tea.