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How to bring the girl to orgasm

Lack of orgasm in your mate has a negative impact on her emotional and physical condition. In addition, it is detrimental not only to the love relationship, but also can cause separation.

How to bring the girl to orgasm

Instruction how to bring the girl to orgasm

Step 1:

In order to bring the girl to orgasm state, provide her a sense of safety and comfort around you. To start enjoying your partner in bed, she had to trust the young man. If you have recently acquainted with your girlfriend, give the girl time to get used to you. Moral comfort and tranquility - this is the main component of the female orgasm. That is, it is important that a place where you prefer to love for your partner was comfortable enough that she felt it relaxed.

Step 2:

Use special musky cologne. After all, these odors can increase a woman's libido. Kiss her in the spine: as a rule, it gives a great effect. Make sure you do it evenly and smoothly. The harder you'll be kissing, stroking the back of a woman, the faster your partner is excited by sex and the greater will be her orgasm.

Step 3:

Preheat her feet. According to some scholars, the girl with the well-warmed feet is more likely to experience orgasm. And this make her a foot massage, it is desirable to use a warming gel. Pay attention to the pads of the fingers, the space between them - these areas are responsible for removing the stop stress conditions and all the feelings that she obtains in the intima. Sexually need to pay more attention to the degree of excitation of the girls - the only way to please her.

Step 4:

Do not forget about your partner's erogenous zones. Watch her reactions in bed. Changing the frequency of breathing and moaning allows partners to identify areas of increased sensitivity. Please note that for women in sexual intimacy is very important prelude: caresses, kisses and tender words. This allows the girl to experience sexual arousal and then relax by your side.