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How to build a relationship with my girlfriend

Sometimes, after quarrels and fights to improve relations is problematic. Especially difficult it is to men as women being more emotional and demanding, especially when you harbor resentment. If you really loved the road, try to be wiser and smarter in the relationship.

How to build a relationship with my girlfriend

Instruction how to establish a relationship with my girlfriend

Step 1:

Give the girl a soft toy in the form of complaint elephant or hippo. Do not forget to add that you are as strong, but the same defenseless in front of her. Perhaps you also regret and then forgive.

Step 2:

Remember that your reasoning and logical reasoning, and women - more emotional. Therefore, do not focus on logic in conversation with her, talked more about feelings, relationships, often remember some pleasant moments, which you connect.

Step 3:

Tell her compliments. As you know, the woman loves the ears. Just do not overdo it too complicated epithets can be mistaken for a banal mockery or it simply will not believe you.

Step 4:

Give her flowers. With or without. Bouquet need not be expensive and luxurious, even the smallest, followed by a gentle word can work wonders. Perfect bouquet that you have collected in person.

Step 5:

Perform any of her dream or desire. It is better that it was something about what she mentioned as if in passing. She will understand that you listen to it, and therefore it is really important to you. For example, she once mentioned that she wanted to just such a bag, a book, a bracelet. So tighten your memory and try to realize her desire in life.

Step 6:

Talk to her, even the most minor points about your relationship. Be interested, keep the talk on any subject that in any way concerned about her. Let's speak to her in the first place, and then begin to speak themselves. If she asks for advice, let this be a suggestion, not moral. If she wants to talk about what it is that is not enough, listen to it carefully and try not to yawn, even if you are very tired.

Step 7:

Play with her hair and held her as often as possible. Hugging, held her as the most precious thing you have. More touching, stroking and kissing.

Step 8:

If you know that she appreciates the view of his mother, and you with it on good terms, ask you to assist. Explain how important it is for you daughter. Try to get the mother to his side. And she, in turn, so find the right words to explain to my daughter what a good guy, and how it would be unwise to lose it.