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How to build relationships within the family

Family life is not cloudless. Only candy buketny period was marked complete agreement and understanding between the lovers. In the future, the co-existence "sharp corners" can not be avoided. Although any issues need to try to preserve the love and respect of a loved one. So, you need to learn how to build relationships in the family.

How to build relationships within the family

Instruction how to build relationships within the family

Step 1:

Do not focus on the little things. Quarrels over nothing in life together - not a rarity. And, of course, each such scandal separates close friends. The reasons for the mutual quibbles may abound: the mess in the apartment, uncooked dinner, not bred for a walk dog nepomytaya utensils, etc. And the result is a scandal, insult, and sometimes even divorce. But avoid all this is quite simple. For example, to schedule homework or clearly assigned responsibilities. Also, spouses often focus on each other's shortcomings. In this case, each of them to pay better look at your negative habits and think about how to fix them. Also, try to celebrate the dignity of man more often (wife). This will help keep peace in the family.

Step 2:

Avoid mutual insults. In a fit of anger sometimes people do not try to control their emotions, which can lead to the remembrance is not the most pleasant things. If you know you are able to tell a lot of things for which you will be ashamed then, learn to relax. Stop the dispute started, tell us what you disliked the conversation and walk away into the next room, or take a walk. When the peace of mind restored, it will be possible to finish, but not in an elevated tone. This way you show respect to your loved one and save the relationship.

Step 3:

Do not forget to say the second half of his feelings. Over time, in many families, this moment becomes unimportant. Passion disappears, and in its place comes a habit. But in your power to correct this state of affairs. Make gifts to a spouse (wife), thanks for your concern, to show affection. So you can keep the warmth in the family for many years.

Step 4:

Do not let boredom in your relationship. When people get bored together, they parted. This means that such a situation does not need to happen. Remember all the good moments of life together, see pictures, go to the movies and cafes, find common hobbies. Enduring interest in relation to each other will make your family strong, friendly and long.