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How to catch the woman of infidelity

Everything was fine in your relationship, but something has changed. These changes are so small that at first you do not attach importance to them, but then they start to bother you. And you suddenly, thinking, I do not appear Does your beloved woman another man. Intuition rarely fails, and if the sneaking suspicion, we should check it out. Policing the woman of infidelity can not only obvious signs, but also by the changes in her behavior.

How to catch the woman of infidelity

Instruction how to convict a woman of infidelity

Step 1:

Consider whether your passion did not spend less time with you? If so, find out what was the cause. Any secret and mysterious cases in which it does not want to devote to you, as well as "confusing testimony" should alert. However, it may be that she just prepares you a pleasant surprise.

Step 2:

On the change of women can think about it, if it became longer look after themselves. It was more likely to do the intricate hairstyle, paint your nails, or spend more time in the bathroom, enhancing your beauty arsenal exponentially. Global update a wardrobe can also serve as an indirect sign of female infidelity.

Step 3:

About female infidelity can speak cryptic telephone conversation, correspondence on ICQ and e-mail, which she carefully hides. Of course, this may be due to anything from her friends to spy games, but betrayal in this case can not be excluded.

Step 4:

Treason women can be calculated and the new habits that she developed. For example, it became part of his speech to screw in jokes and sayings, which previously did not use, or in bed behaves differently. On changes can speak and the resistance offered by your girlfriend, if you offer to meet her from work.

Step 5:

Policing in a woman can change, if it became colder treat you. If fewer hugs, kisses, tender words, the proximity of less than usual, perhaps, the lady is cheating on you. The same is said to frequent quarrels for no reason.

Step 6:

Women's infidelity may be suspected in the case, if your girl has begun to show to your attention, care more than usual. Such behavior may be indicative of the fact that she feels guilty and tries to atone for it in this way.

Step 7:

On the change of women you'd think if it was the often bringing home gifts, quite confusing to explain their origin, as well as if you have been required from the smaller "cash infusion" than before.

Step 8:

Policing in a woman can change, if it became a treat you more calmly than before. If your passion changes, then it ceases to embarrass your absence, do not care about looks and what happens in your life.

Step 9:

If the conversation was often referred to some man's name, it can be suspected that the woman began to change you.

Step 10:

Of course, to convict a woman of infidelity may be, if you find that direct evidence, such as conversation on the phone or on the computer, as well as photographs. Or the lack of it in your visit unfamiliar men.