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How to check the boy like me

Men and women are different in everything. That is why attention to the signs that the young man has a girlfriend, may be for her pleasant, but do not understand. Although any guy they are obvious as ABC! And this girl is tormented by doubts: "I like myself to him," A man, afraid to seem intrusive and tactless, do not rush it and waits patiently for him appreciate when she understands, about any feelings testify attentions. In order not to miss the good guy, the girls should be aware of some simple things.

How to check the boy like me

Instruction how to check the boy like me

Step 1:

Friendship between different sexes, of course, possible, but sooner or later, or she goes to a higher level, or quietly fades away. Because the laws of nature are not subject to cancellation. If you wish to consider your other boy, who had long chases your community, which is always happy to support and help business, or advice - that is, consider. But then I would not have to regret, "miss it! Where I just watched? Where were my eyes "From this we can conclude: take a look at his friend more closely.

Step 2:

Firmly remember, just one in 99% of cases, in love with his naive "just friend"! And he could not understand why she does not come to this simple truth. Do not expect the guy to say clearly and unequivocally: "I love you!" Of course, there are some young people, and their not so little. But enough, and the shy, vulnerable, with a fine, sensitive nature. They are simply afraid to be rejected, as it would be too hard for them.

Step 3:

In addition, it is possible that such a man has tried to "convey" to your feelings, and you do not even notice, or misunderstood it. For men and women completely different psychology! At the same they look different. And now the guy does not dare to speak openly.

Step 4:

If a young man is trying to accompany you everywhere, often calling you nervous when you talk to other young people, we can confidently say that he is not indifferent to you.

Step 5:

Remember the wise rule: "One-time - an accident, two - pattern, three - system". If the guy and then try to get you in the eye while pretending (as a rule, rather awkwardly, clumsily) that this meeting came quite by accident. Well, here it is necessary to be extremely blunt girl to do the only possible conclusion: he likes you!

Step 6:

And finally, it is a sure-fire indicator - if a guy meekly tolerate your mood swings, jokes, "jokes" sometimes very sharp. Remember: it allows only a girl who he really the road!

Step 7:

Well, if you are in doubt about your suspicions, you can ask your mutual friend or acquaintance to ask him about the attitude to you. Maybe he will, but remember that a person must be close to him.