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How to choose a bride

The correct choice of the future companion of life - it is a very difficult job and requires a serious approach. In order not to go through a very nasty divorce, you need to find a girl who will be truly family man.

How to choose a bride

Instruction how to choose a bride

Step 1:

Choosing a life partner - a complicated matter and responsible. Therefore it is not necessary to do it in a temper, so as not to regret later and did not regret it. Do not forget that you take the responsibility for the fate of the girl, who makes his bride. But the hope for pure reason without the involvement of the senses is also incorrect, because human emotions play a huge role in his life.

Step 2:

Do not run to the registrar immediately from school, because first love rarely lasts a lifetime. Do not go on about their hormones, wait for the passionate feeling a bit cool. First you need to decide on life and learn to find a job - before to look for a future wife. After all, while you can not provide for my family, you will have parents, but they are unlikely to be happy about this turn of events.

Step 3:

Communicate with girls, find out what they think about later in life. Modern young ladies, and do not tend to marry early, that is absolutely correct. They do not want to be alone with a small child in her arms, they also need confidence in the future.

Step 4:

Everyone is different, but some common traits or type can be identified. You need to determine what kind of character and temperament of a woman attracts you. To live a long and happy life with a man, you must be psychologically compatible, have a similar reaction to some events and similar views on the world order.

Step 5:

More chances of marriage with a person who is similar to you than with a completely different individual. If you work hard for your future, and the bride - to entertain in nightclubs, such a union will soon disintegrate.

Step 6:

Pay attention to how she likes to relax, because you will have to carry out together on weekends and holidays. If you're both fans of an active lifestyle, you'll find something to do and not bored next to each other. Nature lovers will be messing around in the country in harmony with yourself and with your partner. If you spend all weekend on a fishing trip, and your fiancee walks to museums and exhibitions, you will sooner or later begin to drift apart.

Step 7:

Do not simply brush and sexual compatibility, this is a very important aspect of family life. Many quarrels and scandals start due to different needs and desires in the intimate sphere. If you have an ardent temperament, and feel that the partner often shy away from sex, you should think about the further development of relations. Choose a girl that gets the joy of intimacy with you.

Step 8:

Woman easy to learn to farm, if it feels the love and care of her man. If she can not do anything at the moment, but try and try to cook and do needlework, do not rule out this option. There are, of course, spoiled CIT, who do not want to damage your manicure, even for the man she loved, a girl is difficult to re-educate. Therefore, consider in advance whether you will be able to hire a maid to live in purity and fullness.